Mark Rossini

Mark Rossini

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• From his unique historical perspective, Mr. Rossini can explain in layman’s terms the respective missions and responsibilities of the FBI, CIA, NSA, NCTC and the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI). Due to his rare assignment as an FBI representative to the CIA, pre and post 9/11, Mr. Rossini offers an insight and perspective on the passage of PATRIOT ACT and the IRTPA of 2004. Mr. Rossini also is currently developing a book for publication tentatively titled, “Not an Intelligence Failure”


Understanding Terrorism

• Mr. Rossini is an expert on the evolution and growth of Radical Fundamentalist groups such as Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbollah and ISIS/ISIL. He can explain clearly and succinctly the reasons for their existence, what governments are doing, and what the private sector can do to effectively combat them and their appeal to new members. Terrorist organizations are extremely complex. If we take the time to study their members motivating factors, understanding them is relatively simple. rossini-chart-3Regarding terrorist groups that are inspired by Islam, Mr. Rossini can impart to an audience a brief understanding of Islam and the history of the Middle-East in order to put this paradigm in its proper context.

9/11 and Why it Could Have Been Prevented

• Mr. Rossini is a key figure in the events leading up to the 9/11 attacks. He can explain with accuracy, by virtue of his first-hand experience, the failure of intelligence agencies to properly communicate and moreover the possible reasons for such communication failures. In this presentation, Mr. Rossini can articulate the “pre” and “post” 9/11 politics regarding terrorism through the prism of geopolitics and economic policy regarding the Middle-East.

The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act

• Address the rules and issues regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA), which effects and impacts every American and American companies doing business in foreign countries.

Protecting Personal and Corporate Assets

• Provide “Best Practices” for individuals and companies to enact in order to protect their personal and corporate assets and digital information. In an ever-expanding world of technology, wherein criminals and some hostile governments, see the Internet as an opportunity for theft and fraud, Mr. Rossini can offer advice and countermeasures to neutralize and thwart these nefarious actors.


• Mr. Rossini speaks both English and Spanish.

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